Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Words from a Watchman, Vol. 1, #1

There was a time when children would line up and two particular people would choose ones to be on their team. They took turns choosing. The ones chosen would callout the names of ones they hoped their leader would choose. They would choose ones they thought would help their team win.

The original line of people gradually changed to two groups, two teams that would oppose each other. It was humiliating to be the last one in the line, and especially ugly if neither team wanted you on their team.

A long time ago, Satan chose to head up a team against God. God sent Jesus to lead His team. We are on one of those teams.

Some people try to be on one team awhile, then change their allegiance and follow the other team. Do you hear anyone calling your name to be on their team?

When we discover that Jesus has not much to gain by choosing us to be on His team but does it for our good, we love Him for it.

When people discover that Satan is not thinking of their “good” but rather of himself, how big it makes him, they realize he deceived them, tricked them into a game of “each man for himself”. Selfish greed and pride shows up a lot. Satan tries to make his team look appealing and attractive.

Jesus has nice awards for his team players but doesn’t always keep troubles away from them.

Satan is a liar and a thief yet pretends to be pursuing peace and happiness. The truth is that those who willingly follow him are doomed. Their only hope is to get off his team and with “gusto” get on Jesus’ team. “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” Joshua 24:15

I must share what I believe God gave to me.

John D. Lyda